Spa Chairs


We had a mission–to find a spa chair which would provide a superior experience to our clients, regardless of how tall they were, while still ensuring the person providing the service had a comfortable working environment. In our search, we scrutinized numerous options, from “bench” style pedicure stations, to the latest spa chairs from all the leading manufacturers. At times it felt a bit overwhelming. Regardless of how hard we searched, we couldn’t find anything that fit our needs. Some chairs were uncomfortable, feeling more like you were sitting in a pew than a spa chair. Some did not maintain the water temperature, and nothing is less luxurious than rinsing your feet in cold water. Some were very hard to clean. Others were great for clients, but practically mediaeval for the person providing the service. A few were perfect, as long as you were the exact height. But just when we thought we might as well been searching for a golden unicorn, we found what we were looking for.

Chosen by private country clubs, five star hotel resorts, and premier salons and spas, we are proud to be the first in Los Angeles, and one of only a handful in Southern California, to feature the Sedona pedicure chair.

Produced by a small, boutique spa chair manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, this chair features just about everything we could have hoped for in a chair—six way seat adjustment for optimum positioning for both client and service provider, a heated and massaging foot spa, and a full sized manicure table. You can have a proper manicure performed while seated in a luxurious chair without having to contort or be treated like a human pretzel—and best of all, it doesn’t look like something out of a sci-fi movie. We could not have come up with a better chair if we had designed them ourselves!

In developing this chair, the folks at Sedona Furniture really thought outside the box, and we are truly the beneficiaries of their vision! Come by and give them a try! We are confident you will be just as excited as us!