Our Promise


We at Soak Nails will strive to:

Provide a premium, client-focused manicure experience rooted in respect for both clients and technicians, proper safety and sanitation, and painstakingly selected products, implements and equipment.

Offer a comfortable and safe respite where clients can relax, share, and support one another.

Foster in all associates both professional and personal growth so that through their personal enrichment they may further enrich the lives of every patron.

Continue learning, researching and reevaluating so as to ensure we always offer the best value for our clients.

soaknails-promise1On December 31, 2006, as we prepared to ring in the new year, we wondered how great it would be to open a nail salon, but not just any nail salon, a nail salon everyone who walked through the doors, be them guests or associates, would feel excited about. We wanted a place which, although focused on providing the best manicures and pedicures, would go beyond nails, just like a great restaurant goes beyond good food, or a great hotel goes beyond a comfy bed. So, as we prepared to drink the first sip of Champagne of 2007, we began sketching what has now become Soak Nails.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy what we have created and that it won’t take long for you to see Soak Nails as your second home and everyone within our walls as your extended family.