We have taken great care to design each series of services to fulfill the needs of each client during each particular visit. At times you might be short on time, but still need a fresh polish. At other times, you may need a little more recharging before addressing your next project. Regardless of what your needs may be, we are here to try to fulfill them to the best of our ability. We hope you allow us to be a part of your life.

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soaknails-expressDesigned for guests who have their nails professionally groomed on a frequent basis. Still a complete service, but meant to be a quick maintenance of your hands and/or feet. This series includes soaking of hands and/or feet, cuticle care, nail shaping, and a brief massage with a spa grade 100% vegetarian lotion. Pedicures include sole exfoliating.


Classic Manicure $18
Classic Pedicure $23
Classic  ManiPedi Combo $38


soaknails-simpleDesigned for guests who can take the time to enjoy a more complete service, this series is not nearly as simple as the name would imply. Guests will enjoy our all natural, food-grade scrub, hot towels, and their choice of one of our three vegan soaks and organic lotions.


Simple Manicure $29
Simple Pedicure $33
Simple ManiPedi Combo $58


soaknails-spaDesigned for guests who can set aside the extra time for themselves and wish a more pleasurable experience.

As the Simple series, it includes the same vegan soaks and organic lotions, and our signature scrub.

In addition, you will be treated to your choice of either an aloe vera moisturizing and conditioning gel mask with hot towel wrap or SpaRitual’s Center Yourself Organic Balancing wrap, a unique blend of natural and organic ingredients which helps minimize the toll pollution, sunlight, and other stresses can have on the skin*.

*Source: The Sparitualist


Spa Manicure $36
Spa Pedicure $41
Spa ManiPedi Combo $72


soaknails-ultimateBe it for a special occasion, or because you need to take a little more time for yourself, this series has been inspired by a one of the best destination resort spas in the World. This series was designed for guests who wish to have a truly resort level manicure and/or pedicure experience, without having to travel halfway around to Globe to get it!

In addition to the vegan soak, organic lotions, and choice of either the aloe vera mask with hot towel wrap or SpaRitual’s Center Yourself Organic Balancing wrap, guests will enjoy SpaRitual’s Affirming Scrub Masque. Formulated with wildcrafted Indonesian ginger essential oils and micro-algae, the micro-algae gently smooth rough areas and exfoliate dead skin cells, readying the skin to receive the full benefits of ginger.*

*Source: SpaRitual Catalogue.

Pedicures include additional Callus Treatment. Before polish is applied, clients will enjoy an extended massage.


Ultimate Manicure $51
Ultimate Pedicure $59
Ultimate ManiPedi Combo $98

Heel Healing Pedicure

soaknails-heelpedicureA special pedicure designed to address the needs of clients who suffer from dry heels. Guests will be treated to their choice of organic lotions and vegan soaks, and will be treated with products specially chosen for their exfoliating, moisturizing, and conditioning properties on dry skin. Performed as part of a regular pedicure regimen, this pedicure will ensure your feet are soft and comfortable all year round.


Heel Healing Pedicure $49


soaknails-gelWe feel strongly that our clients should still receive a wet manicure and/or pedicure prior to getting their gel nails.

We do not offer “fills”, as too often the process can be very damaging to the natural nail. Instead, we have adjusted our prices down so that our clients can get a fresh set of nails every time.

If a client comes in with an old set of Gel nails, we will gladly soak them off prior to a new set; if a client comes in with other artificial nail enhancements, we will remove them as safely as possible, prior to providing them Gel nails. Please note that although we never charge to remove any nail enhancement applied by us, we do charge to remove gels and acrylics applied at other salons.

Note: Please be aware that at times we will discover, after removing acrylic or other artificial nails, that the underlying natural nail is not healthy enough for us to provide them Gel nails. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for us to know the health of your nails, prior to removing the old artificial enhancements.


Gel Manicure $36
Gel Pedicure $41
Gel Mani Pedi Combo $77

For clients who wish gel nails on their hands but regular varnish on their feet, we have created the following combinations:


Gel Mani + Classi Pedi $57
Gel Mani + Simple Pedi $67
Gel Mani + Spa Pedi $75
Gel Mani+ Ultimate Pedi $95

Additional Services

The following are a la carte services which can be added to any of our other services.

soaknails-addAcrylic Nail Enhancement Removal $15
Aloe Moisturizing Mask w/ Hot Towel Wrap $10
SpaRitual Center Yourself Organic Balancing wrap $10
Callus Treatment $10
Nail Repair (w/gel) $6
Polish Change $12 (polish change includes reshaping of nails before polish)
Extended Massage (w/ massage oil) $10



Please be aware that our client’s and staff’s well being and best interest is our first and foremost duty and responsibility as licensed professionals. There are times when we might have to alter our service so as to ensure that we cause no harm.

At other times, we might have to refrain from providing a service all together and refer the client to see their doctor. We do not do this out of malice or indifference, on the contrary, we do this because it is our duty, and when we need to refrain from providing a service, we gain no joy in so doing.

Prices and services may change without prior notice. For most current information, please contact us at your convenience.

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