soaknails-sanitation2soaknails-sanitation3 A pedicure or manicure should first and foremost be about safety and good health, pure and simple. Yes, it is about comfort; it is about relaxation; it is about connecting; it’s about all that, but it is pretty hard to feel comfortable, relaxed, or connected if you don’t feel safe.

We at Soak Nails understand that when you walk through our door and sit in front of us for a service, you are entrusting us with not only your hands, feet and nails, but also your well-being. That is a duty we feel extremely serious about.



The professionals who make up our team will not break that trust! Towards this end, we will sanitize our foot spas after every client, regardless of whether or not a pedicure was performed.

We will use a medical grade autoclave to sterilize all our metal implements. We will throw away all the emery boards and orange wood-sticks (we still don’t think they look orange, but alas) we used to perform your service, or should you wish, please ask for them, and we will gladly give them to you.

We will launder all towels at a water temperature of 150F so as to sanitize them. We will wash our hands for 20 seconds before every service (and we will kindly request you do the same). In other words, what should be thrown away, we’ll throw away, what needs to be washed and/or sanitized, we’ll wash and/or sanitize, and what can be sterilized, we’ll sterilize.