About Us


About Us

Soak Nails is the child of a marriage between a passion for nails and a commitment to hospitality. It felt to us that for far too long now having nails done felt like an errand, something you have to get done after dropping off your kids at school or before heading home after work. Buying milk, filling up the car, picking up the dry-cleaning, these are errands.

A pedicure should not be something you squeeze in, but something you set aside time for. A manicure should not be something to get out of the way, but something you savor.

During an enlightened evening, Soak Nails was created. A respite, a haven, an oasis, a break in the middle of an otherwise hectic day. A gift, a treat, a reward, for being a good mother, daughter, sister, friend. That is a goal, our mission, our vision.


2015 Best of Encino Awards – Manicures & Pedicures!

2014 Best of Encino Awards – Manicures & Pedicures!

2013 Best of Encino Awards – Manicures & Pedicures!